MRE Google Groups

Join the Mary's River Estates email distribution list for sending and receiving MRE community emails and for POA and Road District updates. To provide both a community email list and other MRE updates, we have set up a Mary's River Estates area on Google Groups. 


It's easy to join: Go to MRE Google Groups and click on "Sign in" (top right side of the page). If you already have a Google account, enter it here; otherwise click "create and account" and enter your name, email address (does not have to be a Gmail account) and your favorite password to create your Google account. Click continue or find the "Join" page, where you can specify email preferences, nick name and whether you are a resident or reason for joining. Click on "Apply to this group." That's it - you will receive your free membership to send/receive group emails and updates in a day or two.


Once you receive your membership, you can see messages and files, as well as send emails to everyone using a single email address: marys-river-estates@googlegroups.com and receive emails from group members.

* Group name: Mary's River Estates

* Group home page: http://groups.google.com/group/marys-river-estates

* Group email address: marys-river-estates@googlegroups.com