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Mary's River Estates Property Owners Association, Ltd (MREPOA) is an Oregon non-profit corporation. Any property owner whose land abuts Mary's River Estates Road or is located within Mary's River Estates or Mary's River Estates First Addition is eligible for membership. Current membership dues are $20.00 per year. The Property Owners Association was created to offer the structure of a large, volunteer neighborhood group to residents interested in safety and land use and other community issues. The primary focus of the Association has been to offer education, insight and power for residents concerned about the process by which they can obtain broad-based representation. The Association was designed to be affordable and inclusive, rather than exclusive.

Your $20 dues needed to continue MRE POA!
Send dues to MREPOA, PO Box 954, Philomath.

Or Pay $20 Dues online! (plus $1.10 processing fee)

©2023 by Mary's River Estates.

Photographs used by permission from Paul Deatherage, TR Gregg, and Adobe images

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